We take the risk and you get the reward


Larry Oglesby

Founder and Managing Partner

Larry has 33 years of experience as a Senior Executive with an engineering background with the U.S. Navy and operations transformation experience with the world's elite services firms, including Danaher, McKinsey & Company, and Accenture. He has delivered operational turnarounds, transformations, and advisory services to over 300 manufacturing operations in over 15 industries in more than 25 countries.


Scot Armstrong

Managing Partner

Scot has 26 years of experience as a Senior Executive with the world's largest professional services firms, including EY, Deloitte, KPMG, and Accenture. He has delivered strategy, digital, process, operations, and analytics transformation services that span all major business functions. He has delivered services to over 20 industries in over 40 countries.


Daniel Cobb


Daniel has more than a decade of experience that includes roles with industry leaders like United Healthcare & Aetna, as well as hyper growth companies like HodgesMace and Winston Financial. He has delivered strategy, technology, BPO, and partnership development with clients throughout all major industry verticals. Passionate about innovation, transparency, and value creation, Daniel's focus is working with middle and large market companies to pivot OpEx into EBITDA by eliminating supplier misalignment and right sizing roles throughout their supply chain.


As an Executive, you’re constantly looking for ways to grow EBIDTA without impacting the growth of your business. You look to accomplish this across all business functions from demand generation to demand fulfillment and the functions that support your business. Even if you are an expert, you may need help. We understand you are always being asked to do more with less, while ensuring your leadership team and employees are aligned with your course of action. You may be concerned about the risk of change and how it may negatively impact your business. These are significant concerns.

At FOUR40 Partners, we take the risk for our clients and ensure they get the reward. We have been transforming the way companies generate and fulfill demand, as well as how the business is supported, for decades. We apply four levers to every client challenge to quickly identify and implement projects that impact your bottom-line: 

1)    Acceleration to get immediate wins

2)    Lean to provide low-risk, continuous improvement

3)    Digital to automate, enhance, and create repetitive efficiency

4)    EBITDA Growth as the ultimate outcome

Please read more about the results we deliver (link to stats) and hear more about what our clients are saying.

Sander Wolkensperg.png
FOUR40 Partners helped us deliver a dramatic reduction in COGS in less than four months! This included significant reduction in our warehousing and manufacturing footprint that unlocked unforeseen operational efficiencies. It was astounding progress in a very short time AND our culture, morale and capabilities were improved!
— Sander Wolkensperg, VP of Operations