Transforming client challenges into validated EBITDA growth, while strengthening company culture

Welcome to FOUR40 Partners. Our team is comprised of senior executives who have been delivering proven results for 30 years for clients who perform every type of manufacturing. We obsess about our client’s challenges and partner with them to get immediate wins with proven benefits. Click any link below to learn more:

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“FOUR40 Partners helped us deliver a dramatic reduction in COGS in less than four months! This included significant reduction in our warehousing and manufacturing footprint that unlocked unforeseen operational efficiencies. It was astounding progress in a very short time AND our culture, morale and capabilities were improved!”

Sander Wolkensperg, VP of Operations

"My perspective on the work FOUR40 Partners did here at RIMOWA North America is that I am astounded by the amount of progress that was made in such a short time (less than four months) while managing to also have a positive impact on the culture and morale of the team.

FOUR40 Partners very quickly diagnosed what this team needed from a technical perspective as well as from a change management and industrial relations perspective. The team’s approach, demeanor, and work ethic struck a chord with this workforce – they saw and felt the commitment and passion and then responded in kind.

One example of their ability to combine effective technical analysis with strong change management capabilities was in carrying out personnel reductions. During FOUR40 Partners’ time at our facilities, there was a considerable reduction in headcount. Typically, such a move would, on its own, have a catastrophic negative impact on morale. The team here (including those that were eventually let go) were kept informed of the realities of our business. Frequent, open, and honest communication meant that workforce was treated as partners in the business as opposed to victims.

Beyond the accomplishments that took place while on-site, we benefitted greatly from the foundation for continued success that was put in place. Our team is now comfortable with, even eager for, change. They were empowered to think on their own and take action with an appropriate degree of autonomy and effective risk assessment. These items have enabled us to continue to move in a positive direction since the engagement ended.

I can say with great confidence that we simply would not have been able to achieve the results that we have over my time here without FOUR40 Partners’ influence on the mindset and culture of this team.”

Sandor, VP Ops