Risk Management Services

As the CFO, you are always looking for ways to operate more efficiently and grow the bottom line? You are focused on managing risk and protecting your company. The cost of managing risk and providing employee benefits continues to rise. When is the last time you really evaluated all of your Risk Management costs?

FOUR40 Partners and Risk International have joined forces to provide the first 3rd Party Audit and Advisory Services for Risk Management. We are not a broker. We offer an independent and unbiased assessment that that eliminates conflicts of interest and misaligned incentives. Our assessment of your Risk Management costs produces a playbook of cost saving opportunities and we deliver it, free of charge.

If you would aggressively like to implement the entire playbook or take a more conservative approach to implement a few plays, we will implement the changes for you, aligning our incentives with the outcomes we produce. If your recommendations don’t create savings, we don’t get paid. We deliver performance-based outcomes that are free of any conflict of interest. We take the risk and you get the reward.

Our services are not industry-specific. We have delivered over 400 projects and have client references and testimonials from CFOs just like you. Our efforts have produced $568M in disputed claims, over $1B in Risk Management cost reductions and in 2018 we averaged $1,655 in savings per employee per year in benefits spend with no cost shifting to employees.

At FOUR40 Partners, we understand you want to balance risk and reward. Our Risk Management services: • Are proven with over 400 projects • Are unbiased and independent • Come at no upfront cost to you • Can deliver large cost savings opportunities, but provide you with the options so you can choose how conservative or aggressive you want to be • We only earn a fee if we earn your trust and deliver cost savings

The process is simple, we sign an NDA and provide a data request to your team. Upon receiving the data, we assess it and formulate your playbook. We then present the playbook to you and you decide if and what you want to implement to save Risk Management costs and become more efficient. If you would like to schedule a call to discuss, please contact us at daniel@four40partners.com or (706) 431-3642.