Features Overview


Managed Transporation

Whether it’s simply moving your freight or managing your supply chain, FOUR40 Partners and LeanCor we have a suite of solutions to advance your company’s performance and reduce cost. You can focus on your core competency while our Logistics Control Center, strategy managers, and next-level technology serve as a seamless extension of your operations. Your network will be planned, controlled, and improved at the right level to best serve your customers, and your data will be leveraged in new ways for profitable decision making. If you make it, order it, or ship it, our people, processes, and technology will ensure it’s fully visible as it arrives on time, in full, and at the right total cost.

LeanCor 3PL solutions can be delivered at three different levels of transportation management: BASIC, PLUS, and ADVANCED. As customers progress through this service model, we expand our visibility into your network and supply chain for planning, control, and improvement. We introduce more sophisticated processes and technology. Wherever your company may be, we have a solution to help you advance performance and reduce cost.

Unlike a traditional off-the-shelf solution, we partner to provide a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) that drives continuous improvement by breaking down supply chain silos and providing real-time data for better decision making. We seamlessly integrate with best-in-class providers like FourKites, DAT, Llmasoft, SaferWatch, and more to ensure competitive rates and service.

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