We take the risk and you get the reward



We leverage Lean in all of our services, focusing on increasing our client’s their bottom line, while increasing the value provided to their customers. We do this by identifying ideas for continuous improvement that are systematically managed from prioritization to successful implementation. We help our clients realize the benefits from each successful implementation, continuously delivering a return on their investments. We leverage Lean from Demand Generation to Demand Fulfillment. Here are some examples of results delivered to our clients, below:

  • 50% increase in website visits

  • 25% increase in Marketing Contribution to Lead Generation

  • 300% increase in average shopping cart size

  • 15% decrease on overhead costs

  • 20% reduction in systems integration costs

  • 50% reduction in Property and Casualty insurance costs

  • 30% throughput increase

  • Invested $300 to save $2M in capital investments

  • 50% reduction in shop floor space

  • 20% decrease in variable manufacturing costs

  • 20% reduction in transportation costs

  • Average of $1,600 per employee in healthcare cost reduction/year