Our Core Principles

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OUr Mission

Meticulously transforming out client’s complex challenges into validated results that increase the bottom line, while strengthening company culture.


OUr core principles

Our partners and employees are driven to identify what “Great” looks like and help our clients achieve that specific outcome.  Our 5 core principles are:

  1. Obsessed about transforming our client’s challenges

  2. Biased toward immediate action

  3. Detailed and data-driven

  4. Employees of integrity, embracing diversity

  5. Giving back and helping others

“I still remember the conversation, as your team estimated greater than $50MM of proposed benefits.  This was a large number that was hard to get our heads wrapped around given the success and good work that we had done in the recent past. Once we suspended our doubt and listened to your detailed implementation plan, it became clear to me that they might be underselling the potential benefits. After the successful transformation, we validated greater than $50MM of benefits in labor, materials, rework, and space requirements. This was a breakthrough opportunity that was formed by picking up “thousands of small bills” versus the “large, obvious bills” we had been focused on throughout the years.”
— Kevin, CEO

Proven success, validated results

  • 30% throughput increase in 6 days

  • Spent $300 and 45 minutes to save $2M in capital investments

  • 50% reduction in space for $1.8M in benefits in less than 90 days

  • 20% decrease in variable costs

  • 20% throughput increase combined with a 20% labor reduction for $15M in benefits

  • 30% labor reduction