We take the risk and you get the reward



FOUR40 Partners has partnered with our clients for 30 years to take ideas from estimation to proven results. Our approach to delivery, FOUR40 Illuminate, integrates tools and methods from Six Sigma, Lean, Hoshin, Danaher, PMP and Performance Analytics. We have developed an in-depth knowledge base of leading practices and benchmarks that, when combined with our ability to automate transformation, accelerates each project toward an immediate win. Please scroll through the screenshots below to see some examples of the tools we use from the prioritization of ideas in the Idea Center to the Bowler Charts used to track real-time return on investment.

FOUR40 Illuminate.png
I still remember the conversation, as your team estimated greater than $50MM of proposed benefits. This was a large number that was hard to get our heads wrapped around given the success and good work that we had done in the recent past. Once we suspended our doubt and listened to your detailed implementation plan, it became clear to me that they might be underselling the potential benefits. After the successful transformation, we validated greater than $50MM of benefits in labor, materials, rework, and space requirements. This was a breakthrough opportunity that was formed by picking up “thousands of small bills” versus the “large, obvious bills” we had been focused on throughout the years.
— Kevin, CEO